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Paestum guided tour

Thanks to the collaboration of authorized, professional and friendly tourist guides, we have developed a rich and engaging carnet of customized guided tours of the most fascinating tourist locations in Campania.

A privileged destination is the archaeological area of Poseidonia – Paestum, just a few kilometers from our hotel. Here you will have the opportunity to wander among the columns of the majestic temples, admire the most ancient architecture of Greek art up close and appreciate its harmonies.

La mozzarella di bufala

Mozzarella di bufala campana DOP is one of those foods that immediately makes everyone happy, but for us in the south it is much more, it is a real cult. The road to the most beautiful and evocative places in Cilento is dotted with dairies where you can taste not only the famous mozzarella but also many other products made from buffalo milk, such as yogurt, puddings, ice cream and delicious spreads.

As well as being a delight for the palate, visiting the stables, learning about the breeding process, admiring the art of the master cheese-makers and, of course, tasting the finished product, can become one of the most evocative and unique experiences the area has to offer.

Promenade and beaches

With its long beaches of soft, pale sand, particularly popular with families with children and the elderly, and a seabed that descends very slowly, Capaccio Paestum is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Italy. Awarded the Blue Flag, the recognition for environmental sustainability assigned by the Foundation for Environmental Education, from this year it is possible to enjoy the city’s coastline through the splendid seafront, a recently inaugurated work that makes the numerous equipped lidos and free bathing beaches along the coastline accessible. An original way to experience the sea, thanks to a hinge between the beach and the pine forest that respects its natural beauty.

Dune oasis

An excellence among the beaches of the municipality of Capaccio Paestum is represented by the Oasi Dunale of Legambiente Freewheeling Paestum, which is located near the archaeological area and occupies an area of 16 hectares (11 of pine forest and 5 of beach). In over 20 years of management by the club, various naturalistic models have been tried out to protect the dune belt. The only example in Campania of a protected marine oasis with free access, the area is perfectly cared for by volunteers and made accessible solely out of love for its spontaneous beauty. Many people like to go there on Sundays or weekdays for a swim, a walk or a moment of relaxation in contact with nature in an enchanted corner. The pine forest offers shade and refreshment to families on summer picnics; the beach is hidden by the dune that is filled with white sea lilies in summer.

Trekking and mountain bike

Trekking and walking are the experiences that have generated the most appeal and interest in recent years.

Trekking is a growing need for those who feel that slow travel is an authentic and sustainable way to invest their precious time.

If you are a nature lover, the Cilento is the ideal place for such an experience. Unspoilt and little frequented by mass tourism, with a beautiful coastline, sometimes sandy and suitable for those who love the beach and bathing, sometimes rocky with spectacular views, it is much appreciated by those who practice slow tourism. With an expert GAE guide who will accompany you on very evocative excursions, you can safely discover unique places on panoramic paths surrounded by greenery. Many walks can be organized by mountain bike or on foot for anyone who wants to experience authentic moments of life.

Paestum Balloon Festival

The International Balloon Festival is the largest aerostatic event in southern Italy, a unique opportunity to see the beautiful and colourful hot air balloons up close and, why not, experience the thrill of flight.

This gathering, held every year in early autumn, sees the participation of international balloonists and crews and has become famous for its spectacular take-offs at the foot of the Greek Temples.

From the balloons, the breathtaking view of the archaeological site and the coastline is an unforgettable experience.


Paragliding is one of the outdoor activities that most fascinates lovers of flight. The sense of freedom that accompanies this outdoor experience is one of the most sensational you can experience.

The idea of admiring unforgettable landscapes from a unique perspective seduces you to the point where you can’t give it up once you’ve tried it.

One of the most evocative paragliding flights is undoubtedly the one in Capaccio Paestum, which allows you to admire the natural landscapes of the Cilento National Park and the sea of the Gulf of Salerno, launching yourself in tandem from Mount Calpazio.

Guided tour of the area

Thanks to the collaboration of authorized, professional and friendly tourist guides, we have developed a rich and engaging carnet of customized guided tours of the most fascinating tourist locations in Campania.

A privileged destination is the archaeological area of Poseidonia – Paestum, just a few kilometers from our hotel. Here you will have the opportunity to wander among the columns of the majestic temples, admire the most ancient architecture of Greek art up close and appreciate its harmonies. 

But that’s not all, the Campania region is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the historic center of Naples; the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata; the Amalfi Coast; the Royal Palace of Caserta and its appurtenances; the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, its archaeological sites and the Charterhouse of Padula. Rich in historical, artistic and natural treasures, Campania offers countless reasons to be visited far and wide.

Photo shooting

You can go on holiday for any number of reasons: a well-deserved break from everyday life, a relaxing trip or an adventure. Whatever your reason for going on holiday, it’s the perfect excuse to take incredible photos and post them on your social channels. 

With us you can book your professional photo shoot to capture the most beautiful moments of your trip, preserving your memories through shots full of style, originality and artistic vision.

Breathtaking views, sunsets, emotions and special moments will be immortalized in beautiful, high quality photos that will make your Instagram feed original and surprising.  

The professional photographer will also be a local guide, as he or she knows the most beautiful places in the area. This means that he can show you the most characteristic places, the best views and hidden spots that no tourist would know about.

Boat tour with fisherman

A special experience perfect for fishing lovers and not only: a tour in the company of a local fisherman, on board his traditional boat, who will teach you all the secrets of fishing and many other curiosities about history, environment, fauna, flora and typical dishes! You will be able to enjoy the wonderful view of the Cilento coastline fading into the horizon, cuddled by the sea breeze and the gentle roll of the waves, learn all the tricks of the trade from him and relax on board, letting yourself be seduced by the breathtaking beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

An authentic and evocative experience that will take you to the most hidden corners of this authentic paradise on earth.

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    The territory

    Capaccio Paestum is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Italian and foreign tourists, who have always chosen it for its incredible beauty, ancient history and particularly favourable climate. 

    The city of Capaccio Paestum is located in the centre of the province of Salerno, between the Cilento National Park, studded with equally sought-after destinations such as Agropoli, Castellabate, Acciaroli, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota and many small characteristic villages, and the Amalfi Coast with the pearls of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello.

    The fulcrum of the area is the famous archaeological area of Paestum, a Roman city built on the Greek colony of Poseidonia, one of the main archaeological sites in the world, recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Here you can admire the majestic Greek temples, beautifully preserved, and the adjacent National Archaeological Museum.

    The name of the place, formerly Calpatium, originates from the Latin Caput Aquae (origin of water). Here are the remains of Capaccio Vecchia, located near the sanctuary of the Madonna del Granato, the ancient cathedral that is still a place of pilgrimage, as was the case in the peasant culture of the past, which gathered on the night of 15 August to light fires in honour of the Madonna and then reach the place of worship on foot late at night. Half-hidden among the rocks and vegetation of Mount Calpazio, the ruins of the ancient castle bear witness to a piece of Cilento history that takes us back to the Barons’ conspiracy against Frederick II.

    Capaccio Paestum is a place to get to know from many points of view, whether you want to spend a holiday discovering its culture, or whether you want to relax and have fun. Lively summer days are enlivened by a full programme of events and by the numerous bars and restaurants, where you can taste the typical products of the Cilento gastronomic tradition, such as the artichoke of Paestum IGP and the mozzarella di Bufala campana DOP, the fruit of the dedication and passion of the many farms that make up the territory.

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